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Top 5 Steps to Buying Online

Choose the property you want to inspect

This step hasn’t really changed for a lot of us, but sourcing these properties on websites such as or are still the leading hubs for all properties and the most effective way to find what you’re looking for. Given you won’t be able to visit or inspect a property, you’ll need to do all of your searching online with little to no tangible interaction.

With Latitude Real Estate all of our properties are listed online, offering detailed maps, surrounding amenities, brochures and more so you can comfortably collect all the information you need before enquiring.

To view our current communities, please click here

Enquire on the property and speak with someone

Again, this process isn’t hugely different to what people have become accustomed to, except instead of driving to the property and viewing it in person you will be invited to join an online tour. All you need to do is ask your sales consultant how to this process works, to see our process click here. You will be given the opportunity during this process to ask every question you need while also viewing images, videos and more on the specific property that may not be available to the general public.

Secure your property

Once you are comfortable with the property, you can secure it with a small deposit. This gives you time to organise your finance and ask further questions without the risk of losing it to someone else.  Your sales consultant will have a card that they can email you which will have all of the appropriate payment information along with a formal reservation form that can be filled out online.

It’s important to remember that Latitude Real Estate will not keep your initial deposit if you change your mind and it is 100% refundable.

Obtaining your finance

This is an extremely important step when looking at property, it offers certainty around whether or not you could borrow at all and how much the banks are willing to lend you. We have an online portal that will allow you to run the process of obtaining your finance in the comfort of your own home with a licensed mortgage broking team. The standard requirements for documentation apply (ID, Payslips etc) and takes as little as 40 minutes to complete the process, making it one of the fastest ways to qualify for finance in the industry.

This will give you the comfort to proceed to the next step with clarity around your finance.

Signing your contract online

E-signing is now widely accepted in the real estate industry and can save you a lot of time and stress. How does it work? The agent will have access to a portal that generates a contract with all of your information along with the property address and price. Once the contract is generated, an e-mail contract will be sent to you and your legal representative enabling you to review and sign. E-contracts can be generated, signed and counter-signed within a matter of hours making it the most efficient process available. This process doesn’t only save time, it is also great for the environment, saving on printing, paper and couriers.

Latitude Real Estate currently has this service available on all projects.