Latitude Real Estate has seen tremendous growth over the past 12 months, taking on a multitude of new projects thanks to a strength of brand that has been developed over years of consistency and innovative strategy.

As Core Logic has reported, Melbourne has seen massive land price growth, exceeding 19% from the previous year. This is directly correlated to immigration, demand exceeding supply, first home buyer incentives and developers choosing to withhold stock to pursue an increase in profits.

Latitude prides itself in the ability to determine where the market is heading while setting the benchmark for pricing in each corridor a project resides, beating direct competitor estates by up to $26,000 per lot.

This is achieved through the implementation of unique strategies on every single project we manage, whether it is a land estate, townhouse project or boutique apartment complex, we have proven month on month that we can serve in the developer’s best interest and achieve market leading prices in every project we take part in.

George Papadopoullos

Sales Manager