We are a sales team, to be successful, we need to get back to basics.

We are a sales team, to be successful, we need to get back to basics. We are told in the media that the property market has slowed, I struggle to acknowledge this. We are still seeing good enquiry through our sales offices and these people are just taking a little longer to buy because the urgency has been taken out of the market by the negative articles in the media. These articles have scared some people into postponing their purchase of a new home however, the most disappointing part of this is that our industries sales consultants seem to get caught up in the negativity like it’s an infectious disease.

I recently attended a breakfast and spoke with a number of builder sales consultants, the negativity in the room was disappointing. As sales people, we are at the coalface of the industry, if we believe some of the garbage that is being published by the media, the buyer will feel this.

The facts are that the market is not slow, yes, it is slower than it was, but it is still a lot better than its been in prior years to the recent boom. We now need to work harder, we need to push ourselves to make that extra phone call before heading home, we need to book one more appointment for the weekend, and we need to honestly believe that buying real estate in the current market remains a fantastic investment.

As a company, we at Latitude are now putting a lot more focus on training our team on mastering the basics, making sure they are all equipped with the right tools to handle any negativity so that we can drive at a positive direction for our developer clients. We will work harder, we will work longer, and we will continue to see results. Our marketing initiatives will be designed to increase sales in a slower market environment. Bad press should not slow down a strong team.

James Hand

Managing Director